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Your fast-track destination for sales consultancy, sales coaching, and remote sales solutions. Led by 20-year veteran Sales Specialist Ross McLaren, we empower businesses and individuals to achieve unparalleled sales success.

With our tailored strategies, personalized coaching, and super-converting remote sales capabilities, we propel your sales team to new heights, driving revenue growth, lowering wage expense and exceeding your growth targets.

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"Working with McLaren Sales and Marketing Limited has been a game-changer for my business. I've mainly benefitted from their Remote Sales Closing services which have allowed us to scale massively. The closing rates from even cold leads are well above 60%. I highly recommend McLaren Sales and Marketing Limited for businesses seeking remarkable sales performance and trusted partnership."

Oliver Mabane Founder of Mabane Media

"Ross from McLaren Sales and Marketing Limited seamlessly integrated into our team at Loud Lion, bringing a wealth of expertise and a dedicated approach. His extensive preparation work before each prospect call has been instrumental in achieving closing rates of over 50% on qualified leads. We highly value Ross's contributions and recommend McLaren Sales and Marketing Limited for their exceptional sales capabilities."

Alex CEO of Loud Lion

"Working alongside Ross from McLaren Sales and Marketing Limited has been truly amazing. His extensive sales coaching has been a game-changer, allowing me to deliver the entire sales process. From pre-meeting prep to objection handling to closing, Ross's guidance has been invaluable, leading to remarkable results in my closing rates. I'm incredibly grateful, and I confidently recommend McLaren Sales and Marketing Limited to anyone seeking to improve their sales"

Jack Lawson Social Media Strategist on Fiverr


We have the formula to unlock your full sales potential.